Stay Safe & Compliant with CVIP Inspections in Edmonton

Major Overhaul & Equipment provides CVIP Inspections in Edmonton and surrounding areas. As part of a vast network of private facilities, Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair is licensed to conduct inspections as part of the Commercial Inspection Program (CVIP). If you are the registered owner of a commercial vehicle, it is your responsibility to have it inspected on a regular basis.

Annual Truck CVIP Inspections

Trucks, truck-tractors, trailers, light trucks and semi-trailers with a combined weight in excess of 11,794 kilograms must undergo an annual inspection.

Semi-Annual CVIP Inspections

If you operate a bus that carries 10 or more passengers (including the driver), CVIP inspections are required every six months.

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What can I Do if I Get Pulled Over with an Expired CVIP Inspection
If you’re driving a truck in the Edmonton area with an expired CVIP inspection, Alberta legislation allows the following: You may immediately contact any licensed CVIP facility to schedule a CVIP inspection. Next, the phone number of the facility as well as the date and time of the scheduled inspection must be handed over to the police officer. Please be aware that in this particular case, Alberta legislation also requires you to drive straight to the licensed CVIP facility with no stops on the way.

Why Choose Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair for Your CVIP Inspection?
Major Overhaul & Equipment repair is your one-stop-shop for all heavy-duty truck and trailer repair and CVIP inspections in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Leduc and Northern Alberta. When you visit any of our locations, you’ll find a team of skilled technicians who will treat you like family. As a licensed CVIP facility, we understand the serious nature of CVIP inspections and the consequences of not having one—that’s why encourage you to bring in your truck, truck-tractor, trailer, light truck or semi-trailer today for a CVIP inspection.

As a mandated annual inspection, the CVIP inspection serves not only as yearly task, but it also offers an opportunity for preventative maintenance on your equipment. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Whether you operate a big rig, dump truck or any other heavy-duty truck, our team will be happy to provide a comprehensive CVIP inspection before taking a look at your truck or trailer to identify, diagnose and repair any problems that require repairs. Of course, any technician that is performing maintenance will also consult with you before completing repairs.

Schedule a CVIP Inspection Today
Don’t risk having your CVIP Inspection expire! That’s a hassle that can easily be avoided with routine semi-annual or annual CVIP inspections at Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair. Our experts will be sure to answer all of your questions and ensure you understand the nature of the inspection. What’s more, we can add in truck and trailer repair to your scheduled inspection.

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection and repairs! We look forward to serving you in Edmonton and surrounding areas!

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