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Breakdown? Request a Mobile Truck Repair in Red Deer, Lloydminster, Edmonton and Area!

As the biggest truck repair shop on wheels, Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair is always ready to dispatch a qualified mechanic. We offer our mobile truck repair in Edmonton, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray and all of the surrounding areas.

Nearly all of Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair’s shop services are available on-the-go. In many instances we can provide mobile truck services for the following types of roadside repair requests:

  • Battery Jumps – From bitterly cold temperatures to an old, unreliable battery, there are any number of reasons your battery may die and need a jump. If so, our mobile repairmen will come to you fully prepared with a jump starter to get your battery up and running. 
  • Brake Repair – Driving with worn down brakes—or even faulty brakes—is extremely dangerous for both the driver and other vehicles on the road. If you’re having issues with your brakes, a mobile technician will be to you in no time, fully equipped to provide quick repairs. 
  • Clutch Cable Repair – Has your clutch pedal become fully disengaged? It’s likely due to a worn down or broken clutch cable. Our mobile team is capable of fully replacing it with a new cable that is sure to last. 
  • Diagnostics – Is something wrong with your heavy-duty truck but unsure of the issue? Our repairmen will run a full diagnostic test to determine what’s happening. 
  • Differential Repair – Having difficulty turning your big rig or heavy-duty truck? It may very well be due to issues present with the differential. Provide us your location, and a skilled technician will meet you in a timely fashion. 
  • Electrical Repair – Has the dash gone out? Has the GPS failed? Regardless of what the electrical problem appears to be, the experts at Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair will determine the culprit and get your system back online. 
  • Engine Repair – For any engine issue, be sure to contact us right away—your truck’s engine is its most important element! 
  • Exhaust Repair – Have you noticed an unusual amount of exhaust smoke or odd noises coming from the exhaust? That’s a sign something is wrong—contact us now and we’ll send out a mobile repairman!
  • Starter Motor Repair – Engine not starting? It may very well be an issue with your starter. This is often an easily fixable problem, so don’t hesitate to call now to schedule mobile service. 
  • Transmission Repair – Whether the gears seem to be grinding or you’re having trouble shifting, there’s likely a problem with your transmission. Our technicians work on transmissions on a daily basis—they’re the experienced professionals you need to provide mobile repairs.

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Call for Mobile Heavy-Duty Truck Service

Wherever you are in Northern or Central Alberta, we can send out a highly skilled mechanic to provide a fast, competent repair. Whether you’re having issues with your transmission, brakes, engine or any other part of your heavy duty truck, our mobile repairmen are fully equipped and prepared to provide the repairs you need. Call Major Overhaul & Equipment Repair today to request service!

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